The MacEwan Game Development Club (GADEC) was founded in October 2015 for students, by students. We pride ourselves on being an interdisciplinary group, bringing students from a variety of different backgrounds and programs who otherwise would not have met without the influence of the club together. Through the club, not only have we been able to cultivate open and hungry minds curious about game development, we’ve also been able to help foster meaningful relationships and long-lasting friendships.

Our job as your executive team is to ensure that your best interests and needs while in the club are met, and to help make your university experience enjoyable and memorable!

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President—Vanessa Capito

Vanessa is a third year Professional Communications major in the Bachelor of Communication Studies program. She is an avid creator, an active member of Edmonton’s local game development community, and an advocate for its further growth and engagement. In addition to her work with the MacEwan Game Development Club, Vanessa also specializes in ludology and communications related research, and works on her own game projects on the side.

Vice-President—Jonathan Blackley

Jonathan is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Accounting. He is passionate about the games industry and looks forward to helping it grow within MacEwan and throughout Edmonton.

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Secretary—Reid Whelton

With a lifelong love of writing and creating, Reid takes the skills and concepts he learns in his education as a Professional Communications student at MacEwan and puts them to use as the Executive Secretary and Chief Propagandist of the club. He would love to see the game development industry in Alberta and Canada grow, and to continue creating exciting and thought-provoking narratives, in any mediums.

Treasurer – Eric Stratechuk

Eric is a second year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Computer Science. His desire to learn more about the production and internal mechanics of game design has led him to become a member of the MacEwan Game Development club since day one of his studies at MacEwan. Eric has also developed a passion for story-telling through his various DnD campaigns and, with his knowledge in programming, has allowed him to create text-based stories on his spare time. Games have always been a part of Eric’s life and he would love to see the industry in Canada expand.


Social Media Coordinator—Logan Beach

Logan is a former Radio Host and pop culture geek. His passion for media is taking him into the realm of professional communications and he is using his experience to work with the MacEwan Game Development Club.

Graphic Designer—Eamonn McCormick

Eamonn is a second year Computer Science major in the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program. Bringing his passion for mathematics, computer science, and graphic design to the Game Development Club, he hopes to gain experience in game design and take that into his future.

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Web Administrator—Nicolas Powers

Nicolas is a first year Computer Science major in the Bachelor of Science program. He has been an avid lover of games since he was a child and is looking forward to bringing that passion into making them. Always looking to learn, Nic aspires to become the best he can be in his role.

Want to get involved?

Wondering about how you can get more involved with the club? Looking to get some volunteer experience in or work on your leadership skills? We’re always looking for volunteers to help us keep the club going! Come talk to us about volunteer opportunities or inquire about our current openings.