Upwards and Onwards.

Vanessa Capito/ September 21, 2017/ Blog

Ideas are weird. And cheap. Free, basically nothing. Go up to any self-respecting business person or creator, and go on, tell them, “I’m an ideas guy!”

(Yeah. You, me, and every other person out there. Here’s an idea for you—I accept no responsibility for any hurt feelings on your part when someone, inevitably, laughs in your face. Here’s another idea for you, something you’ll especially learn as you start getting into making games—there’s no such thing as an “Ideas Guy.”)

The truth is that ideas, on their own, are useless. Worthless, even. What even is an idea? Air. Wind. They’re as inconsequential as a breath, like condensation on a window—there one second, gone the next, and nothing to show for it as any evidence of its presence fades away.

But let’s take this similie further—we’re comparing ideas to air here! Wind! Wind, which can be something as powerful and all-encompassing as a hurricane or as fleeting as a light, pleasant breeze. Air! Essential for keeping us going, driving us forward, circulating endlessly into the aether.

Why am I going on about ideas? Because this club almost didn’t exist.

It started as an idea, you see. And ideas are nothing unless you act on them.

The idea was this:

“Do I wait for someone else to hopefully start this club, or do I take the initiative?”

(I think you can guess what happened.)

From then on, initiative became the driving mantra behind the growth of this club. Taking the initiative to learn, to reach out, to try something new—even if, and especially because, it was unfamiliar and scary. Initiative is the spark, the flint and tinder that helps ideas to ignite. It’s the nervous joy and underlying terror that comes with scoping out unfamiliar territory—but the beauty of the club means not having to go through that experience alone. Instead, it’s a shared and collaborative experience with people just like you.

We are entering into our second year here in GADEC, and it’s been an amazing experience to see how far we’ve come, and how much further we have yet to go. If ideas are like wind, then GADEC is a whirlwind, sweeping up challenges and obstacles in our path! And as we continue to grow, I can only hope that that spark of ingenuity and inspiration that has been woven into the very framework of this club will only become brighter as we move onto bigger and brighter endeavours.

Upwards and onwards.

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