The MacEwan Game Development Club (GADEC) was founded in October 2015 with the goal of helping students and other individuals interested in game development with their professional development. By participating in a semester-long workshop, members are able to gain hands-on experience in making games while growing their professional portfolios. Additionally, we offer a variety of other activities and events that provide opportunities for networking, volunteering, and fun!


Our mission statement in GADEC is to T.R.E.A.T our members and community well. We do so by promoting and engaging in:


GADEC and its leadership shall always endeavor to be straightforward and honest with its members about the inner and outer workings of the club to better foster a trusting and open environment.


All members of GADEC are treated equally and with respect, regardless of any differences in background, person, creed, or belief.


Our primary goal in GADEC is to provide an environment of learning for any who wish to pursue either a career or hobby in game development.


In GADEC, we strive to cultivate accountability and responsibility in our community. GADEC’s leadership is accountable to the best interests of club members and the club mandate, and GADEC’s members are accountable to their duties and to each other.


GADEC is first and foremost a team: its members and its leadership should endeavor to work hard to maintain a collaborative, welcome, and friendly community for all.

Want to know more?

Interested in learning more about how we operate? Visit our Policies page to view our Constitution or our Code of Conduct.