GADEC 2018 Election

Vanessa Capito/ January 8, 2018/ News

The MacEwan Game Development Club was founded in October 2015 with the goal of creating a strong community that would foster continued professional and personal growth. As with any endeavor, you get what you put in—GADEC’s continued existence relies upon the drive, talent, and initiative of all of its members, especially its executive committee. However, the executive committee exists first and foremost to serve the needs of GADEC’s members, and so every executive position—with the exception of President—is open for nomination.

The positions are as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Media Coordinator, Event Planning Coordinator, Graphic Designer, and Web Administrator. As per SAMU Guidelines and GADEC’s constitution, only full-time registered MacEwan students may run for a position and be elected. Only current eligible executives may run for the position of President. However, all GADEC members, regardless of whether they are MacEwan students or not, may vote.

Becoming a club executive is an excellent way to become more involved within the club as well as gain valuable experience in leadership, business development, and teamwork. Although, it should be understood that becoming a club executive is a full-time commitment. As an executive of GADEC, you will be expected to uphold our club values to the best of your ability and act as an exemplary role model for the rest of our community at all times during your tenure as an executive. The job does not end when you leave the threshold of the club room.

Our club starts and ends with you. If you think you have what it takes to be a leader, please fill out this form:

GADEC 2018 Elections Nominee Form

Descriptions of our executive positions can be found in our Constitution under Article V. Detailed information regarding GADEC’s election/nomination process can be found in our Constitution under Article VI.

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