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Logan Beach/ October 12, 2017/ Blog

We’re really focused on helping people learn the skills they’ll need at the MacEwan Game Dev club, and this semester we have a group of bright eyed and (mostly) brand new game development specialists joining us. The following is an interview conducted by our resident social media guru, Logan, with Team No Name Gaming.

(This interview is shortened and edited for clarity)


Logan: Lets get everyone to introduce themselves

Team: Azal, Eamonn, Nicolas, Alex, Evan, and Casey

Logan: So most of you are pretty new to the game dev club this year, so what was it that really drew you in?

Eamonn: I just have an interest in developing video games and other games in this context.

Nicolas: Playing games has always been the center of me in my childhood and me as a person so it’s just a part of me and everything.

Alex: I mostly followed him into this (laughs, pointing at Amon) and I’m actually enjoying it a lot more than I thought so…

Evan: I’ve always wanted to get into game development and plan on doing it after I’m done school.


Logan: Have any of you had experience making your own games before?

Nicholas: Barely. A friend of mine and I play a lot of games together. And when we were kids we do that things kids do you make things up. I know even before that I had lots of Pokémon cards, and trying to replicate the video games and leaving the cards all around our living room and you’d go to them a battle. It made no sense and it had crappy rules but even then, I liked trying to do different things. Recently with that friend we tried to prototype three board games. It didn’t go past that but it made me appreciate how hard balancing something is.

Eamonn: I’ve mostly done systems development. Like combat systems, equipment systems stuff for video games on paper because I’ve also a vested interest in it. But I never put any of them into an actual product.

Evan: I was in the first year of the game club so that kinda helped.


Logan: As a group, what is your team looking to achieve this semester?

Alex: Something that works, that’s about it at this point.

Nicolas: Ideas are great, but if you can’t actually put them into practice what’s the point? So that’s what I really want to get out of this, and also just connect with other people that are oriented that way. If you have a team you can do a lot more.


Logan: Tell me a little bit about what you’re all working on for the first sprint. The idea is to build a board game so what does yours look like?

Group: Laughs, points to their “team leader”

Alex: Well given the topic we were given last week, the choice between communism, Coldplay song titles, and then.. what was the last one?

Nicolas: Don’t stop

Alex: Yeah we went with the Coldplay names and we picked “Don’t Panic, I’m a Scientist”… Still trying to figure out how to incorporate that. But right now we’ve come up with this idea that we have a centered amount/limited so to speak of value and the concept is that the other players are trying to work against each other in order to blow each other up. On the other side of that we also have a team based game with that limit and everyone’s trying to work together to stop that.  It all works with cards.

Eamonn: The value represents a chemical reaction that’s constantly going on and you’re trying to negate the effects of it or blow the next person up by making the effects worse.

Nicolas: Yeah so the prototype essentially is trying to figure out: how do we have that chemical reaction, and how do we a system that interesting in the way that we prevent it from exploding or purposefully explode someone else at the table.

Alex: A game of elimination.


Logan: So last question! If you could go on a date with anyone from gaming, real or fictional, who would it be and why? Example, I would go on a date with Jeff Kaplan so that he could woo me by telling me that Zenyatta from Overwatch is getting buffed.

Nicolas: A very balanced relationship (ba dum tiss)

Azal: What a question

Alex: I’d date the character I made in Dark Souls becaseu I need someone who’s experienced life like that. Hardened to the extreme!

Logan: Someone who lived through Dark Souls would just break me

Nicolas: All that and you’d get in bed and they wouldn’t be able to stop rolling around.

Peanut Gallery: You’d take a roll in the sheets!

Eamonn: I’m trying to think of a character from Skyrim because that’s my favourite game of all time…

Nicolas: Lydia!

Eamonn: I am sworn to carry your burdens type thing.

Azal: Lara Croft. I don’t need to explain myself.

Nicolas: The first relationship I wanted to emulate as a kid was Cortana and Master Chief.

Azal: Cortana in which Halo though?

Nicolas: I think her in Halo 3 was when people were like “whoa!” the most.

Azal: I want her when she’s rampant in Halo 4.

Nicolas: That’s fair, she’s feisty….

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