Who are you?

Jon Blackley/ October 4, 2017/ Blog

How much do you know about what your school has to offer you? I’m not just talking about classes or degrees here, I mean what does your school do that maybe nowhere else in the world does?
So many of us go to university paying out tens of thousands of dollars with our heads down, complaining about tuition hikes and the cost of textbooks only to ignore the opportunities that that money is affording us. We go to class and don’t speak up, we walk the halls with the same people day in and day out and don’t know any of them. We’re just here for that bit of paper at the end, and if we learn something? Well that’s nice too.

When I started university, that was me. I was completely disengaged from my classes and the people around me. I stopped caring. My grades dropped. And finally, I dropped out. I didn’t see the point of it all. Sure, some of my classes were interesting, but most were full of dry material presented by people who were just reading off of slides.
Throughout life, we’re constantly asked “who do you want to be when you grow up?” and I realised that here I am, an adult. A grown-up if you will. So who am I? Turns out I didn’t like the answer to that. I was lazy, disengaged, and apathetic to most of the things around me. I looked at the opportunities that I was squandering and resolved to step up. To become the person that I wanted to be when I grew up.

So I went back to school, I lifted my head up and started to focus on the here and now. What opportunities are here for me now? I sought these out and started saying yes when people asked me to do things. I took an interest in my classes and became “that guy.” The one that always answers questions. And sure, I’ll never really like some of my courses, but I’m engaged with them. I looked at what there was to offer at my school and am far closer to my dream job then I would have ever gotten with just that bit of paper.

So I guess that just leaves one question. Who are you?

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